Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How to tell if your husband is gay

Checklist republished by gawker (from a Fox 5 New York posting) of how to tell if your husband is gay. Actually, I consider that it's a pretty good list, though probably if I thought harder about it, I could come up with some more interesting suggestions like:
  1. He seems interested in sports, but only knows the rules superficially and only mirrors your interest in them, or

  2. He likes to keep strict limits on the interactions between different areas of his life, like work, old high school friends, college friends, and home (at some point, someone knows his true sexual identity), or

  3. He's actually much prettier than you. when you got married, even your girlfriends said you 'scored' and pumped their fists!

  4. He often doesn't shave, and says he thinks he looks better when he doesn't, or

  5. He watches a lot of television, especially when it might be a good time to have sex. You have a television in the bedroom and it was his idea.
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