Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brinksmanship: the market

Shall we let the market crash and burn, or support it artificially and let all the bad players get saved from their mistakes. I guess I'm a hyper-capitalist, so I suggest to do the former. Someone like Buffett will come in a take a few pennies on the dollar for those CDOs. Let the financials drag the market down until people separate the companies generating real value from those who just speculated with other people's money.

I distrust Paulson who is too interwined with his Wall Street friends to let them hang out to dry. This bailout will for sure be the biggest windfall for those financial companies in history!!!

I think allowing the market to price something is what we want. Why have gov't intervene? With some new special legislation companies must disclose how much so called toxic mortgages they have instead of hiding it and the market will come in and figure out if a company deserves to sink or swim. It's very simple. No more allowing companies to guess at -- and generally inflate -- the price themselves.